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Remember 'Kumar'?

The one project I started and couldn't finish? yes, that's the one.

Guess what, I've finally finished designing and making a super colorful illustration of him with a sweet little environment with creatures and props and stuff 🐰

This turned out to be a really memorable piece as this is a part of the last chapter of 'Drawing Camp' which has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride for the past 1 and half years.

Phew...where do I even start?.....

Well, here's how the design process went for now :)

Untitled_Artwork - 2022-05-05T110152.928.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0003.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0004.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0005.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0006.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0007.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0008.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0009.jpg
Portfolio project_page-0010.jpg
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