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Goals of this course

  • To learn the Fundamentals of Light & Shadows and its effects on different objects and Forms

  • To Understand different attributes of Shading & Rendering and apply that knowledge in a practical setting

  • Learn different techniques to render Light and Shadow

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  • This is a 7-Day follow along course, where each day is dedicated to a particular aspect of shading.

  • We achieve the goals for this course by understanding the Fundamentals of Light & Shadow and then,

  • Moving on to the practical application of the knowledge

  • We start from scratch and slowly build ourselves up to the complex understanding of this skill over the period of 7 days.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Light & Shadow to enhance their works of Art.

  • People who want to understand how shading works and incorporate principles of light and shadow into their drawing.

  • People who want to learn the Fundamentals of Shading & Rendering.

  • People who not only want to acquire knowledge but who are also looking to put that into ACTION.


7 days

The course is created in a FOLLOW ALONG format.

Just show up, press play and follow along

20 mins

a day

All it takes for you to complete this is 20 mins/day

How a DAY is Structured

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'Shading - Understanding Light & Shadow' is part of a larger program called Drawing Camp which is designed to level up your art.


This is one of the 14 different chapters on the camp that helps one start from the very basics and build their skills up to formidable levels with daily structured and consistent practice.

About the Camp...

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