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About the course

Props are one of the important features of any character or a world. They add, fill, and narrate a story of their own. And to design them well is an important skill an artist should have i their tool box

And in this course, you will learn how to do exactly that! This course teaches one to design functional and visually appealing props that adds to the look and the narrative. And this is achieved through learning and applying the fundamental principles of prop design as well as putting it into action through sheer work i.e, by designing a LOT of Props!! 😄

By learning the process of prop design, applying the appropriate principles, and creating a huge volume of different kinds of props allows one to master the skill of Prop Design.

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'Fundamentals of Prop Design' is part of a larger program called Drawing Camp which is designed to level up your art.


This is one of the 14 different chapters on the camp that helps one start from the very basics and build their skills up to formidable levels with daily structured and consistent practice.

About the Camp...

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