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You are not Good Enough

1. Sketching in your Sketchbooks

I've lately had an itch to go back to traditional mediums of art again. After fooling around with my iPad (that does not sound right) for the past 2 years, it's time for me to integrate traditional art again into my routine. And the way I've been doing that is by mindlessly sketching in my sketchbooks. Just filling random pages with random doodles. The key is to NOT care. And the Drawings seem to come out good 2. Drawing faces Here's a bunch of faces I drew this week.

And as usual, here's the PSD/procreate file for you to sneak a peek inside the process. Click here for the .psd

3. Favourite Quote of the week "Sorry, you are not good enough to be disappointed" - something Dan Jon, an elite strength coach says to his beginner athletes when they are disappointed with their performance. Same goes with art I guess. Best, Kesh. P.S. Check out my 'Begin Drawing' Course from Drawing Camp if you're interested in a Free Drawing Fundamentals course that lasts 7 days and takes you just 20 mins/day. Check it out:

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