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Working on an Animation

Hey there, I thought I'll do something different for this week’s newsletter by sharing some Behind the Scenes stuff...

1. Little Legends Illustrations series

I’ve always wanted to illustrate Indian Gods in “Chibi” style with big heads and small body. It started with an illustration I did a while back and I’m working on the next one.

Here’s the Sketch for it. I’m not exactly happy with it, so Ill be refining and redoing it.

2. Making a little Animation!

The past week has been mostly dedicated to me and team working on a little animation for the next episode of ‘Making It’. (In case you haven’t watched the first episode - Click here)

I thought I could be done with it in 2 days time, but boy was I wrong about that.

Here’s a Frame from that short.

We are using a mixture of hand drawn animation and after effects to create this one.

I’ll be sharing the entire process in the coming episode.

3. Favourite Quote of the week

“Life is like a box of Chocolates”

- Forrest Gump



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