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Working on a Secret Project

1. Show your work

A very simple way to not overthink the aspect of sharing your work on social media is to display your work in progress.

Or the things that you are consuming.

Here’s a book that I’m reading now

I’m a big fan of his other book ‘steal like an artist’ and let’s see how this one lives up.

2. Some Sketchbook Doodling Been working on a “secret project” and these are some developmental sketches done for that. I’ll talk more about this soon.

3. Favorite Quote of the week

“If you are persistent, you’ll get it.

If you are consistent, you’ll keep it.”

- Anvesha Pande (a drawing camp student)



P.S. Check out my 'Begin Drawing' Course from Drawing Camp if you're interested in a Free Drawing Fundamentals course that lasts 7 days and takes you just 20 mins/day.

Check it out:

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