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Work on Art Projects

1. The Bread and Butter of Drawing When it comes to working out, you can get MOST of your results just by doing few key exercises. Just like that, you can get most of the results you want with your art by knowing a few key "Mini Skills" And that is your bread and butter. You just gotta pick your own list. 

2. Work on Projects A great way to make the process of learning and working on your craft fun, is to work on projects. Projects are finite, it gives you a goal and you learn something every time go through one. The more projects you finish, the better you are going to be! Here are some short Project ideas - Make a 5pg Comic - Make an illustrated poster for a movie - Make a Video - Make a Zine(mini book) - Create a sticker page - Illustrate a quote or an Article

3. Favourite Quote from last week "My Life is a series of Projects" - Seth Godin Woo! Almost missed this one. Drawing Camp is launching for real tomorrow and its gonna be, in the words of the young, LIT.  Watch out! Aug 7, 6 pm IST. and oh, do join me on the live workshop that Im doing at my youtube channel on "A Guide to Drawing Everything" at 4.30 PM IST Take care -Kesh

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