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Willful Ignorance

1. What are you Grateful for? I found myself complaining and moaning about the amount of work I had on my plate this afternoon. Things I need to draw, Illustrations I need to finish, "admin work" I need to do. Then it hit me. I'm literally doing what I wanted to be doing when I was younger. Draw for a living. But the complainer in me made me forget that in the midst of boredom you get from working on long projects. But in hindsight, my day is filled with things I wanted to do and I decided to do. and boy does that make me happy and grateful. Here's a question that helped me, What should you be grateful for, but aren't?

2. Willful Ignorance. Willful Ignorance - The act of keeping yourself blind to the consequences of your actions willfully because you cant face the reality. This is something I used to do much of in the past. I won’t state/specify my goals because I didn't want to know if/when I failed at them. Me specifying my goals provided the conditions of failure and hey, who like failure!? So I went by without specifying anything and called myself a “free flowing spirit” Slowly, I learned to sort this part of myself over time and my tolerance for failure has improved (and so has my success rate. Interesting) Anyways, I just wanted to talk about this today because I was being ‘willfully ignorant’ with the realities of my time lately and was called out for it. And I’m happy to say that I’ve started working on it. Here’s a question for you, what are you ignorant about wilfully? What is something that you know you shouldn’t do but you are?

3) Favorite Quote of the Week “The best relationship is coming to a place where you no longer depend on a relationship. And that’s when the good ones start to come out" - Anon That's it for this week guys. See you on the next one! Best,


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