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Why Most Artists Fail

1. Why most Artist Fail

They fail because they follow the trends and make work that’s expedient rather than something that’s evergreen. (One of many reasons of course)

I’ve been thinking about this a lot these days.

As I look back at the work I’ve produced in the past few years, a lot of it seems quick and expedient rather than something that’s evergreen.

Videos and drawings made to “grow” the following or keep me “relevant”.

This is a sure fire way to go out business (ask the former social media stars of the 2007's, they’d know)

The ones where I have put the effort in were the one that rewarded me and the work that I’m know for.

And that teaches something,

To “Pursue what’s meaningful, rather than something Expedient”

Create work that lasts the test of time. That’s my guiding principle.

2. Illustration WIP

In light of my pursuit for meaning, I’m finding that spending my time producing good quality illustrations that tells stories for the soul are it.

Here’s a Work-in-Progress of the one I’m working on.

3. Favorite Quote of the week

“There’s no Faith, there is no Courage, there is no Sacrifice in

pursuing something that’s Expedient “

⁃ Jordan B. Peterson

That's it for this week folks,

see you on the next one!



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