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Why do we have GOALS?

1. Why do you choose and pick certain goals Kesh? Is it because of the results you might get? The product, the exposure, the fame and the money? Do you workout to get "abs" and a "nice body"? Good, those results are important motivators. They mean something and you pursue them. It's a reward. A good one at that. But is that the CORE reason? No. You pick goals and projects/ambitions not because of the results you get. You choose em' because of the kind of person you have to become to get those results. It's CHARACTER BUILDING. You adopt traits that you use for everything. That is the Biggest REWARD. The rest is just cherry on top of the cake. You need cherry for the cake to be complete. But the cake is core of things. P.s eat less cake. 🙃

2. Illustrations of the Week Here’s what I made this week. And I’m really happy about it :))

3) Favorite Quote of the Week

“Tonight, you will have to be your very best.

You must rise above your fears, your doubts,

and your fatigue.

No matter how dark it gets,

you must complete the mission.

This is what separates you from everyone else “

- From the book ‘Make Your Bed’ by William H McRaven

That's it folks :)

See ya next week!



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