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Using Fan Art to build your Audience

1. Why I love Fan Art It’s very simple ⁃ it’s fun to draw ⁃ It’s nostalgic and brings back old memories ⁃ It gives you an idea to draw about ⁃ And a lot of people respond to it

2. Using Fan Art to Build your Audience

I’ve built my social media following mostly through original work. But I often do fan art from time to time to reinvigorate a new set of people who may like my work.

Many artists have successfully used fan art as means to build their audience and then introduce their original characters/worlds later on.

This works because these popular characters already have an established audience base and a story built around them.

And a lot of people respond to you when you make something based on that character in your own style.

3. Favorite Quote of the week

“Everyone has a face, until they get punched in the plan”

- Tike Myson

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