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The Value of not Jumping Around

1. The Value of going Deep

I, like many other artistic folks, have the tendency to jump around from one thing to another without having anything finished.

This wrecked havoc on my Art and Life.

But lately, I've been telling myself to go further 'Deep' into something when I feel the urge to quit a boring task/project.

And I do that by trying to do the thing I'm doing, better than before, trying new things and making it interesting.

And that's what I did with my 'Painting practice'. I was pretty bored of the learning process after a couple of pieces in, urging me to change course.

But I stuck with the boredom, decided to make what I'm doing, more interesting and better, and voila!

A whole new world of opportunities opened up. I created one of my favorite pieces ever and it turned out to be an Mini Milestone for me in terms of improvement.

And that's because I chose depth, instead of width.

2. My favourite piece

Speaking of improvement, here's that painting which I was talking about

3. Favourite Quote of the week

"How mad is he who leaves the lecture room in

a happy frame of mind simply because of the

applause from the ignorant!

Why do you take pleasure in being praised by men

whom you yourself cannot praise?"

- Seneca

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