The Super SECRET ART Tip

1. The Super SECRET ART Tip Here's the super secret, ultimate, ALL NEW Art Advice that will improve your craft instantly and make you a "GOD" level artist. The Tip is - "you don't need a super secret tip" #mindblown... Here's what you probably need - Take the things you already know - Put that into Action - Keep at it. Sounds boring? I know. But it works.

2. Having Problem with finishing things? I do too. And I've gotten better at finishing things by giving myself small projects and goals that I know I'll be able to complete, and by doing that, The little wins you get will help you to finish the big stuff. 3. Favourite Quote of the week " Don't downplay what you've accomplished just because you are not where you want to be" - Random Reddit user That's it for this week folks, see you in the next one! Best, Kesh.

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