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The Stupid Simple Lesson I've Learned

1. Draw What you Like

This was that Lesson - Draw what you like/Interests you (quite basic right? But no. It's the most “Advanced” thing)

But It's kinda easy to forget. 😕

And I often forget this because “I'm that guy who draws stuff for an audience”.

When you have an audience, you might easily get swayed by the thing that gets the most attention and not do the thing you want.

This might be true for everyone at some level. because we all have people to please.

But as I learn to orient myself to create the stuff that I like, I seem to have much better satisfaction with what I do. 😌

TAKEAWAY - Constantly pull yourself to do what YOU want.

Here’s a little Practice Sketch I made today (that I like ;))


I also made some sketch notes while I was at it.

2. Neil Gaiman’s Advice for Writers (2 min watch)

Here’s Neil Gaiman, one of the most accomplished writers out there taking about this Idea of “Doing things that interests you”

3. Favourite Quote of the Week

Another thing I'm learning lately? Its this…

“Advanced People always do the Basics.

The meaning of that is this. Most people who are casting stones saying that it has to be more complicated than that aren’t even Doing the complex thing!

As you scale, all you need to do is ‘do more of the BASIC things consistently’.

Not the advanced things. because that’s what the advanced people do. The BASICS”

- Alex Hormozi (paraphrased)

That's it for this week folks!

See you in the next one :)



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