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The Law of 100's

1. Law of 100s I came across this interesting idea from an entrepreneur named 'Noah Kagen' and realized that I've been using it all this while. The Law is this, if you wanna get good at something, or need to get over the 'newbie' phase, you need 100 reps. Want to get good at drawing? Make 100 drawings Want to grow a YouTube channel? Post 100 videos Want to be a better singer? Create 100 songs The law places emphasis on the 'practice' over the goals. Because it's the Practice that leads to the Goals.

2. 100 Days of Sketching Speaking of 100, My Yearly Challenge 100 Days of Sketching is starting this May 1st. This is something that I do Every Year around this time to give my Art Skills a Boost. Check out This post to know more about the Challenge. 3. Favourite Quote of the week I've shared this quote, but I feel like it needs to be said again in light of the Massive crisis My Nation is facing, "Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for He has stood the test, He will receive the crown of Life" - James 1:12

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