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The Art of Sketchbooking

1. Using Sketchbooks

✍️ So, I’ve started to use sketchbooks again and it reminded me of how fun it used to be.

I started out with traditional art and slowly transitioned to digital over the years.

Picking this up again with a simple Goal of filling ‘1 Page a Day’ is bringing back the joy of drawing I once used to feel as a kid.

Try this,

✏️Get a book and just have it as place to unwind, draw, doodle and scribble.

Try NOT being perfect with it and see what it does to you.

You’ll be surprised :)

Here are some drawings I made.

2. How to Use Sketchbooks

If you are wondering about my approach to using sketchbooks, here you go!

A dedicated video on the topic

(Comment the emoji 📅 in the video if you found the last point useful)

3. Favourite Quote of the Week "No one has a right. You have to take a right, or stop it from being taken from you." - John Dutton That’s all for this week folks, see ya next week! - Kesh

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