The 6 minute project

1. The 6 Min Project

One of the most common trend I've noticed among starting and finishing projects is making small/consistent Progress over time.

Here’s something you can try,

  • Pick up a project you want to do

  • Give yourself 100 days

  • Work on the project everyday for a minimum of 6 mins

  • Work for more than 6 mins if you have the time.

  • Don’t worry about missing days

And see where this leads you. I’m sure you’ll make enormous progress or even finish your project.

2. The Procrastinator 

Ever felt like a day is not going according to plan and you’ve been wasting time on useless stuff?

Here’s what I do, take up my rough note

Make a small list of things I need to get done,

And start working on getting it done one by one.

This often saves my days from compete useless-ness.

3. Favourite Quote from last week

"You think Health is Expensive?

Try Disease"

- unknown

I missed last weeks newsletter(oops). Will make sure that Im consistent with this

(because I'm liking it!)

See ya next week!

Take care


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