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Taking a Break from Social Media

1. Social Media Detox

I’ve been thinking a lot about how social media is shaping my work and the way I do it. I’ve talked about the ‘social media trap’ that artists fall into in the previous newsletter.

A trap where they are making “content” for the sake of engagement/likes/views rather than making something that they actually want.

I’ve been struggling a lot with my own work lately, confused about what to work on and not finishing the work that I’ve already started. And I’ve found the constant distraction of Instagram & YouTube to be the root cause of this problem that I’m facing.

We are bombarded so much with ideas/content these days to a point that we couldn’t process the already existing things that we came up with in the first place.

We get a shot of something new before we could even finish thinking about the old one. Reminds me of a video I watched a couple years back on what the socials are doing to our brain.

So I’ve decided to take a break! from consuming content on these platforms for a period of 30 days. Consider this my ‘social media detox’.

Instead, I’m going to be replacing it with things like consuming long form content like good quality movies and books (boy have I bought a lot of books that I haven’t read yet).

No worries, I’ll still be posting things that I make, the YouTube, Instagram and the newsletter will still be on as usual. I'm just hoping for this little ‘fast’ of mine to help me face the things that I need to face and open up new opportunities that I can pursue.

2. Something secret is in the cooker.

Just a sneak peak of what’s coming out next weekend ;) (I was able to make a lot of progress on this because I started my ‘social media detox’ this morning)

3. Favourite Quote of the week

“A measure ceases to be a good measure when it become the target”

⁃ Unknown, heard this from James Clear

That's it for this week folks,

see you on the next one!



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