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"Stop Listening to Drawing Advice"

1. Stop Listening to 'DRAWING ADVICE' There's tons of info, tips and advice out there on the Internet when it comes to drawing. It's too much. To a point where it clouds out our own reason and thinking. Take a step back. Take what's essential, what's useful. and think for your own.  This is what I've been doing :)

2. Simple is BETTER than Optimal "What's the Best way to learn or do something?" is the question most of us ask. But are we ready to pay the price to afford to do the best? Most of the time, we are not.  I'd like to look like Henry Cavil from Superman. But am I willing to put in the hours of intense workouts day in and day out that would probably leave me with no energy to do other things? No. I just want to do something that's simple, sustainable and fun for me. And for most people, doing the simplest thing is way better than doing the most optimal thing. 3. Favourite Quote from last week "Creativity is about being spontaneous with your expression and orderly with your routine" - yours truly ;) And that's it for this week folks. Talk to you next week! best,  Kesh P.s We are releasing the 4th chapter of 'Drawing Camp' Level 1 soon. With that, the first level of the camp will be a solid 30 Day Foundational Program. If you are not enrolled into the program, check it out!

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