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Sketch Mindlessly

1. Ever feel that you are 'Out' of Creative Juice ? One of the reason (one of it) we feel like we are out of juice is because of the pressure we put on ourselves to create. Try to sketch or draw mindlessly, with an aim to create a 'bad' piece. You might end up with a good one. Like the following. Started out as a mindless sketch, turned into something I like.

2. The Golden rule to keep in mind for '100 Days of Sketching' "When in doubt, Just Draw for 6 Mins" 3. Favourite Quote from Last week "When you take a personal problem seriously, you solve a social problem as a result" - Carl Jung So those are the three ideas for this week. I'll be sharing 3 short and crisp ideas related to art and creativity every thursday over here on the newsletter. Stay well, Kesh

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