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Purpose > Passion

1. Purpose > Passion Here's an idea from the book I've been reading called 'Ego is the Enemy'. We've been told that 'Passion' should be the North star of our life. It should direct what we do and follow. But 'Purpose' on the other hand, is a better director. As a guy who has quit his job to pursue art full-time and have succeeded in doing so, I can comfortably tell you that passion comes and goes. Because it's a feeling. And it's often a symptom of being good at a particular domain. It's built, not found. Purpose though, is there when the sun comes up and the star comes out. It's instilled by choice and through experience. It's the engine that makes us move. Think of it like this, it's hard to be passionate about your new born baby when it's up, crying at 3 a.m. in the morning and you haven't gotten any sleep for the past 48hrs. But your purpose though, is to love it, care for it and nurture it into a wonderful being. That will never change. And that's where purpose wins.

2. I'm Roasting your Art Just kidding. I'm providing some feedback on it. Here's a video I made for one of the students of Drawing Camp who's been making tremendous progress. The advice given here might help you as well, if you are at similar skill levels.

3) Favorite Quote of the Week

"You seem to want that vivida vis animi which spurs

and excites most young men to please,

to shine, to excel.

Without the desire and the pains necessary

to be considerable, depend upon it, you never can be so."

- Lord Chesterfield

That's it folks :)

See ya next week!



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