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Points over Perfection

1. One thing at a time I've always tried to do many things at once, wanting all of them to stick. But it never happens. I often end up achieving nothing after many months of effort and LOTS of trying. So what has worked from me is to give a bit more of focus and effort on just few things, seeing them through and moving on to the next one. One thing at a time.

2. Points > Perfection If you are playing a football match with a goal to win, would you aim to score more points than the other team or you try to be perfect with your score. You try to gain points. And that has been my mantra in art and life at the moment. Gain points! You don’t have to get the perfect score, all you need to do is just get ‘POINTS’ You’ll win. 3. Favourite Quote of the week “Chase two rabbits and you’ll catch neither one” - Old Russian Proverb (Obviously translated) Best, Kesh.

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