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One Line a day

1. One Line a day

That's my 'Mini Drawing Habit'. Draw a line.

That's the minimum requirement I have for Drawing.

I have the options to do more and score bonus points if I draw for 15 mins.

And a perfect score is 30 mins of drawing.

This 'Elastic Habit' has been helping me be consistent with my drawing and I've been Drawing and finishing more things than usual.

P.s I do this for my exercise as well

2. You don't need new information

Everything that needs to said has been said, and it's out there.

All the information we need to learn and understand drawing.

All we need now is Action.

Getting down from the fantasy land and putting things to work.

3. Favourite Quote from last week

"Modern man can't see God because he doesn't look low enough?"

- Carl Jung

And that's it for this week folks.

Talk to you next week!



P.s If you're wondering how to get started on drawing, we have a FREE Foundational Course called 'Begin Drawing' Go and check it out at:

If you're looking for something more, Chapter 4 of 'Drawing Camp' is now LIVE! With that, the first level of the camp has now become a solid 30 Day Foundational Program. If you are not enrolled into the program, check it out!

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