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New Year Goals!

1. Questions to ask for this Coming Year Good Answers comes from good questions. Here are some questions I'm asking myself this 2021. - What went well last year? - What didn't go well and what can I learn from it? - What are some things I’d like to accomplish this 2021? - What are some things that I’m grateful for and appreciate very much? - What are the 3-5 things out of my list, if accomplished would make my other goals easier or unnecessary? - Whats the ONE thing I’d like to get done in each area of my life that makes everything else easier or unnecessary?

2. Three Habits After so many years of failed goals and resolutions, I've been focusing a lot on habits. I'm focusing on doubling down on some of the habits I'm already doing to make for a good year. 3 Habits in fact. 3 habits,if done daily or consistently for the most part of the year, would make 2021 a win for me. Pick em. Do em, have fun! 3. Favourite Quote from last week "No one is hated more than he who speaks the truth" - Plato

P.S. If you're looking for something more, Chapter 5 of 'Drawing Camp' is OUT now!

It summarises my principle based approach to character design and all the processes, techniques and systems that I use to create my own characters.

Check it out!

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