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My New Mini Project

1. The Emoji Faces Project

I've taken up a little side project to my random weekly drawing goal.

So I’m illustrating emojis as cartoon faces. Pretty simple.

I've done 3 so far, and I'm going to finish this off at 10 for Round 1 (apparently, there are lots of emojis 😢)

Taking up small projects such as these and finishing them in a short span of time (2 weeks or so) really helps with my Art productivity.

2. A Book every artist should have

‘Rework’ by Jason Fried and David H.

This is book written by the CEO of Basecamp, a really innovative tech company that actually makes money (Fun fact - most businesses don’t make any money, they just live off the cash flow with no profits)

This is a book for people who wanna run businesses, but I’d recommend it for anyone who does creative work or want to monetize their art.

3. Favourite Quote of the week

"The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing“

- Seth Godin

That’s all for this week guys. See ya on the next one.

Byeeeeeee 😁

- Kesh.

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