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My Mini Project

1. My Mini Project

I recently created a 'Mini Project' that explores one of my characters 'Kumar'.

It's a compilation of sketches, drawings, final designs, turnarounds, poses and Illustrations that best explores the character.

✏️I made this as a project for the final chapter of 'Drawing Camp' in order to put all the lessons and practice that people have done to the test.

💪The whole point is to make something that shows the development of a character and then create a physical version of it to signal its completion.

2. Ship it

Projects are incomplete if you don't 'Ship it'.

I.e. if it doesn't reach its end destination.

Which is You.

🚢So, here's me shipping it.

If you wanna learn the step by step process of how to make something like for your own character, CH 14 of drawing camp, 'THE PROJECT' will help you do just that (provided you have completed all the other chapters).

🎥You'll tag along with me as we make this project using all the lessons that we've learned so far. This is the end game for the camp. To make something, finish it and put it out there. If you are already a student of 'Drawing camp', this course is waiting for you in your dashboard. ✍️If you wanna sign up for the program, click here to check it out :)

3) Favorite Quote of the Week "Think about what you want today, you'll spend your time. Think about what you want 5 years from now, you'll invest your time" - James Clear So, How do you wanna invest your time? See ya next week! Cheers, Kesh

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