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My Focus for 2022

1. My Focuses for this year These are the traits I'm working building more of this year. 🤾‍♂️ Effort - Giving more than I can. ️⏰ Consistency - Doing that more often. 🚩 Flexibility - Being ok with Failure 🧠 Expectations - Work on having less of this

2. Being the Best Something that's been on my mind lately is the idea of 'Being the best'. I'm not talking about being better than others, but being and creating the best thing that you possibly could do. Being in competition with yourself. I used to first scoff at this idea saying that it's just "ego" or "fear" or "insecurities" that is making me want this. Soon, I realized that is what the loosers say to bring down those who win and feel good about themselves while they are at it. Some people just wanna be better than who they are. And that ambition is often demonized, which is not ok in my book. 🏀 I was reminded of this as I was watching the documentary on Michael Jordan ('The Last Dance' on Netflix) for the second time.

3. Favourite Quote of the Week

Tex : Jordan, Move the ball to your teammates. There's no 'I' in team.

Jordan : yeah, but there's an 'I' in Win.

- Tex winter (assistant coach of the Chicago Bulls Basketball team) to Michael Jordan.

This quote made me laugh like crazy😂

See ya next week.



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