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My Calendar Project for 2022

1. My Calendar Project

I’m working on a calendar project where I’m going to illustrate Indian Gods in cute Chibi style.

12 Gods, 1 illustration each month, a calendar for 2023 at the end.

That’s my plan.

Here’s the recent one I did of ‘Karthikeya, the God of war’

I’ll make an illustration breakdown of this piece very soon in case you are wondering about the design choices.

2. Artist Insecurities - Dealing with Anger The creative/artistic types often deal with lots of insecurities that hinders their work. I’ll write about each so that we can all learn to deal with the things we suffer from. This week - Anger. I came across a video on YouTube that said, “Anger comes from a place of entitlement. When you think you deserve something and you don’t get it, you get angry. And the best way to deal with it is to ask yourself, What is something you think you deserve but you don’t and accept that. The anger often dissipates” I found this very enlightening and therefore wanted to share it with you. 3. 🗨️ Favourite Quote of the Week “The best revenge is getting yourself to a place where you no longer care about revenge “ - Unknown

So, that’s all folks. I’ll see ya next week :) Best, Kesh.

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