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My 5 Hour Comic Book

1) My 5 Hour Comic Challenge I recently put myself through a ‘5 Hour Comic Challenge’ and ended up creating a 10 page comic book (and I finished early :P)

the whole experience was just amazing and the product that came out of it was even better.

Lesson: Give yourself 5 Hours to create a barebones version of a project you’ve always wanted to. For me its this comic, which I’ll eventually make it into a short film.

Plus, I made a video about the whole experience

2) ‘Dynamite Ravi’ - Weekly Illustration

Here’s the Illustration I did this week.

“Dynamite Ravi (alias Dino Ravi), a notorious south Asian gangster known for his creative ability to take out his targets with dynamite 🧨. He was last seen near Kerala in a bus stop waiting to pick up his kids from school”

And Here’s the reference which I used to create this piece.

3) Favorite Quote of the Week

“The Greatest Remedy for Anger is Delay"

- Seneca

That’s all for this week folks! And oh…

With that said, I’ll see you next week :)



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