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My 1 Minute Art Show

1. Kreativ Juice

Folks! I'm starting a 1min 'Art Show' called Kreativ Juice

✏️It's a show about Art, Creativity, Inspiration, Tricks and Tutorials. All under 1 Minute. Basically, Juice for your Creativity ;)

📹Here's the First Episode, I'll be sending new episodes here every week. and you'll get it a couple of hours earlier before it goes live on YouTube

This is a topic that I've already posted here on the newsletters, so the topics will be overlapping a bit. 2. When you don't feel Motivated 😐What do you do when you don't feel motivated to do something? Here's what I've been trying to do. - Stopping to rely on Motivation as my Fuel Source. - Having a set of habits to follow each day. - Finish 1-3 key tasks each day instead of trying to focus on many. - Working in Pomodoro Blocks (Google it) I feel like 5-8 solid Pomodoro blocks a day really helps me get things done.

3. 🗨️ Favourite Quote of the Week "Outwork your Self doubt. Conviction does not come from positive affirmations you tell yourself in front of the mirror. It comes from doing something a 1000 times until you get good at it." - Alex Hormozi That’s all for this week folks, see ya next week! - Kesh

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