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Most Badass Animator ever...

1. The Most Badass Animator Ever...

So, this week, I made a 'Kreativ Juice' episode on the most badass animator ever, Hayao Miyazaki and how he approaches his filmmaking process.

🪁 With that said. Here are some story boards that Miyazaki created for the Film 'Wind Rises' and how it manifested into the screen.

2. Bad Art Advice

"If you are good at something, never do it for free" is bad art advice that will keep you broke...

Here's why

3. Favorite Quote of the Week "Forgiveness is accepting the apology you will never receive " - Shawne Duperon (hat tip to Mark Goulston)

That's all for this week folks :) See you in the next one. Cheers, Kesh

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