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"Mini Art Projects"

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

1. The ONE thing It's very enticing to want to do everything, isn’t it. Make a comic, draw illustrations, make animations, create movies, be superman.....the list goes on.  What often happens when we try to do everything is we get nothing done. that's where the idea of 'the ONE thing' comes in. "what's the ONE thing that I could do, such that by doing it, everything will become easier or unnecessary?" quite the question and the answer is often powerful. 2. Side-Mini Project I've been wanting to start a side project, something small that I could do in my free time. These Mini Projects are a great way to get things done, work on your craft and take a breather when you're tired of working on your ONE thing. I think I'll be starting an Illustration project like the 'People Folk' project I did earlier.  Will announce the prompt list later. You can take something up too. Start a bunch actually! These are projects you flirt with to keep things interesting ;) 3. Favourite Quote from last week " Take the long road. Its faster " - Unknown and that's it for this week people. See ya next week. Best, Kesh

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