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Making Sacrifices

1. Making Sacrifices When I started out in Art, I wanted to do and try everything. Crafts, animations, DIY, painting, watercolors and much more. But the Passion and clarity I have for my work only came when I chose to let go of many to focus on a few. I did the same with my ‘daily illustrations’ for 100 Days of Sketching and I seem to have more clarity and a reinvigorated sense of energy to create. Sacrificing a few ‘unimportant’ things to gain on the few important ones seems like a nice trade off.

2. My 100 Days illustrations Here’s a collage of Illustrations that I’ve been drawing the past couple of days that’s based on my life experiences.

3) Favorite Quote of the Week

“Repetition is the mother of Skill but,

Deliberate repetition is the mother of Mastery”

- Me, while thinking about the way I wanna practice art.

That's it folks :)

See ya next week!



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