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Making Ghibli Style Illustrations

1. Drawing of the Week

Here’s the key to making your illustration look “Ghibli Esq”…

Keep your foreground elements ‘Cartoony’ and Paint your background.

And you get something like this.

Here are some of the reference I’ve used for this piece

I’ll share a video breaking down this piece soon.

2. Connecting the Dots Creativity is all about connecting the dots. Dots no one would expect to connect. Taking inspirations from different places and things. Steve jobs connected beautiful fonts and design with computers, giving birth to usable UI’s in PC’s Henry Ford connected the workings of a meat processing plant with automobile production, which made him a pioneer in mass production. Disney connected old fantasy stories with animation which led to creation of movies that had soul (aka Disney magic) This is how it works, taking things from odd places and making something completely different. That’s creativity. 3. Favourite Quote of the Week "Throw away the idea that you need to pause your life until you are fully healed; this is a different way of being attached to perfection. Progress happens when you make better decisions in the midst of living. You can simultaneously heal your past while being open to the present"

- Yung Pueblo

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