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Making Animated Movies on my iPad

1. Making Animated Movies on my iPad

I've been working on my 'super short short film' still, and boy oh boy it's hard. I've been documenting this journey as a series on YouTube and the 'Second Episode' continues to record my struggles of making this movie.

Here's me attempting to animate a very complex animation shot while explaining how I'm animating on an iPad.

2. Commitment = Sacrifice

Here's an idea that I'm pondering about..

To commit to something you want means Sacrificing something that you like. (Maybe even love)

You have to "kill" the thing that you love less, to have the thing that you want more.

This is where the practice of 'Ritual Sacrifices' in religion might have originated from.

Ancient farmers of Tamil Nadu Sacrifice their animals (which they treat like family btw) to God's in return for rain. They kill something they love to have something they want.

I don't support nor think this particular butchering of animals is a good idea. But I get the meaning behind it which can be applied to the projects we take.

To do well with one project, we might have to "kill" other minor projects that we love voluntarily. We have to say 'NO' to things.

Steve Jobs talks about this as well...

3) Favorite Quote of the Week "Focus is not about saying yes to the thing you want. It's about saying NO" - Steve Jobs That's all for this week folks :) See you in the next one. Cheers, Kesh

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