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Make Drawing Lists!

1. Make Drawing Lists 

  1. Sketch gestures for 25 mins

  2. Draw a bunch of cars

  3. Draw / sketch 25 creatures

  4. Draw your own versions of Indian storefronts

  5. Draw yourself in different scenarios

  6. Draw 25 different character designs

  7. Draw some environments

These are some of the items on my drawing list. I often use these to know ‘what to draw’ when I’m out of things to draw. Pick one. Draw. Repeat. Easier said than done.

2. I am my own biggest enemy I tend to overthink a lot and have the tendency to procrastinate on my decisions. That often clouds my ability to see myself in an objective viewpoint. Solution? I spoke with my friend(someone other than myself), asked them what they would do if they were me. The answers were simple and the problem is solved. It’s easier to give solutions to other people problems than to solve our own. 3. Favourite Quote from last week "Prepare your child for the road. Not the road for your child" - Not sure who said it but I heard this recently and found it really interesting. and that's it for this week people. See ya next week. Best, Kesh

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