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Make Art that YOU want to see

1. Make Art that you want to see Some of the best works of Art, from Movies to Paintings are made by people who were looking to make something for themselves, that they would want to consume. Even some of the best businesses were built using this strategy. (When Steve Jobs wanted a portable MP3 player that could carry 1000 songs without the hassle of CDs) “Make Videos that you would want to watch” is the advice I wrote down for myself in my journal last week. It doesn’t mean “Make videos that you would like to MAKE” It means “Make something you would like to WATCH” A lot of us don’t watch what we make and don’t make what we watch.

2. A Bunch of Necks I was preparing for my Anatomy course and here are some neck studies from it.

3. Favourite Quote of the week

“Every man has two wives, and the second starts when he realises he has just one”

⁃ ShashiKanth, my video producer who misread the original quote by Confucius

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