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I love doodle pages

1. I love doodle pages

I'm in love, I’m tellin' ya!....with doodle pages!

Basically, it’s a page full of doodles(4-5) on one subject (like creatures/cars).

I’ve been trying to get in one doodle here and there and it’s adding up.

Here’s the one I did recently -

2. Complacency kills creativity

I’ve always felt the worse when I’m on maintenance mode.

Indeed there are certain times in life where you gotta just focus on keeping up. But what seems to work for me is to go on the offence.

Take up a project, give myself a little assignment, do a little drawing that helps me move towards a goal or take up a class to slightly better my skill.

All these things are ‘offence’ moves. You being proactive. And that builds our creative muscle.

3. Favourite Quote from last week

“The Truth has nothing to fear from inquiry”

- Matt Dillahunty

And that's it for this week folks.

Talk to you next week!



P.s If you're wondering how to get started on drawing, we have a FREE Foundational Course called 'Begin Drawing' Go and check it out at:

If you're looking for something more, Chapter 4 of 'Drawing Camp' is now LIVE! With that, the first level of the camp has now become a solid 30 Day Foundational Program. If you are not enrolled into the program, check it out!

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