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I Don't Deserve This

1. I don’t deserve this…..yet. I had a recent conversation with a couple of my friends and we were talking about how things that we wanted to do were taking more time than expected. For example, I’ve been working on my fitness goals for the past 8 months and I’ve barely scratched the surface of where I wanted to be. Progress has been made, but not what I expected to see. But then, I was reminded of how long it took for me reach a sizeable audience on YouTube. 7 years of work, 7000 subs. And I reached the next 70k subs in 7 months. Same goes with my financial goals. I expected to make 6 figures on my first project. But it took 2 more years and 2 more failed projects to get there. The lesson was - Just because I expect to see success doesn’t mean I deserve it. I deserve it when I have the necessary skills and experience to back it up. So patience and developing your skill set is the name of the game. The rest is taken care of.

2. Stack your Skills I first learned to draw. Because I liked it, Then I learned to make videos of my art, Then I learned to edit well, Shoot better, Tell a good story and communicate ideas, Then I learned how to teach and make useful things, I combined all that Into Drawing Camp.

Every single time I learned a new skill, the results got exponentially better.

Just something to think about.

3. Favourite Quote of the week

That’s all for this week folks. See ya on the next one.

- Kesh.

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