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How to Draw your Own Characters?

1. Think in Principles

If you want to start drawing from your imagination or design your own characters, you gotta "think in Principles"

We all have principles that tells us what we want and should do.

Like that, "Character Design Principles" will guide you in your character creation process. Think of them like a compass and, a set of guidelines that you can follow to make this process easy to understand.

2. Character is a Mascot

We all have ideas and stories we want to communicate. But we can't simply do that without nothing.

you cant play chess without the chess piece.

Like that, you can't tell your story without a character. Because your character is the visual mascot that you use to tell ans explore your stories.

3. Favourite Quote from last week

"Great writing stems out of humility"

- Anonymous

P.s If you're wondering how to get started on drawing, we have a FREEFoundational Course called 'Begin Drawing' Go and check it out at:

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