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Here are some 'SketchNotes'

1. The Practice

The recent 'Habit' that I've installed in my life is 'The Practice'

It's 6-60mins of focused drawing time where I deliberately try to get better at art.

This is the time I've decided to dedicate everyday despite whatever project/things that are going on in my life.

And trust me it's helping me out a lot already.

Here are some recent 'sketch notes' and drawings from the practice.

2. Illustration Notes

Some Notes I've made for the "MOVER" Illustration ⏰️ I made this illustration in 55 mins. Having that time limit made me speed up the process which gave birth to more spontaneous strokes and linework. 🧠 I should reduce my tendency to cater my illustrations to what other people will relate to, and really think about what 'storytelling' boundaries I wanna push. That's the right way to go about when it comes to making "Art"

3) Favorite Quote of the Week "Think of those who, not by fault of inconsistency but by lack of effort, are too unstable to live as they wish, but only live as they have begun." - Seneca

That's all for this week folks :) See you in the next one. Cheers, Kesh

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