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Fantasy of being an Independent Artist

1. Fantasy of being an Independent Artist

I'm living the dream. I have time, I make more than enough and I can work on whatever projects I want.

But I also need to

- Manage people I work with

- Pay salaries

- Pay taxes

- Do paper work that comes with running a business

- Manage cash flow

- Do meetings and phone calls

- Emails (I hate this)

- Admin work

- Pay more taxes

- and manage a bunch of million other things that comes with doing this.

We are often sold this fantasy of how awesome the freelance/independent art world is.

The reality is much different. You get to do things you like, as long as you get done with things you don't like as well.

I'm not saying It's not fun being an independent artist. I'm just saying, don't fall for the sunshines and rainbows that are being sold to you.

2. Afraid of Speaking up?

Don't find it comfortable to share your honest opinions? Maybe think it could be wrong?

Well, we are on the same boat.

What seems to help me is to slowly start speaking up on things we think about, even though it may or may not be right, through the process of speaking up a little here and there, we sculpt our thoughts and opinions so we can come to better conclusions. 

3. Favourite Quote from last week

"we are soon heading towards a bland world where we put down anyone who's willing to stand out"

- A comment made on my Youtube video

That's all Folks! See ya next week!

Take care


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