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Experiment, When Things Get Boring

1. Experiment with your Art When things get Stale, Experiment. I was going through a YouTube course from one of my favorite creators ‘Matt D Avella', where I was reminded an important piece of lesson which I have forgotten over the years. Try New Things. Experiment. If you are Stuck/Bored with your Art, try something else, Play with things and see where that takes you.

2. My Recent Illustration Here’s an environment Illustration I did recently. This is a little Concept Art for a Mini Comic I’ll be working on during the end of the 100 Days of Sketching challenge.

Also, here’s a ‘night’ version

3. Favorite Quote of the week

“Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens”

- Jordan B Peterson

That's it for this week folks!

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