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End of '3 Point Thursdays'?

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent you a newsletter.

And that is because I took a break to recharge my batteries.

“Is this the End of 3 Point Thursdays?” People asked 😧

(Actually, nobody did)

I was like “Heck no” 🙃

So I’m back and sharing things.

here we go…

1. My Animated Film

Breaking the ice here…

Here’s the ‘Motion Poster’ for my first animated film, which we completed in 48hrs. Yup. More on that later.

(Click the image to see the motion poster)

My boxing film ‘Sweat & Blood’ evolved into a 3.5 min long music video (perfectionism or progress?) and I simply did not want to let this season go without finishing a film.

So I took my ‘5 hour comic’ and turned into a movie.

And we finished it! But HOW we pulled it off is one hell of a story.

That’s gonna be the next video.

(Oct 8th,2022) - We are polishing this film and I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you.

2. Content Vs Creation

Here’s a ‘Kreativ Juice’ episode I made on ‘How not to fall into the content trap’

3. Favorite Quote of the Week "Virtue begins with understanding and is fulfilled by courage" - Demosthenes

That's all folks! Cheers, Kesh

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