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Draw that 100 Times

1. Draw 100s One of the most simplest and easiest practice I've used to get good at my art is to practice a particular thing 100 times. That's what 'Draw 100s' is all about. Pick a mini skill you want to practice like - Drawing Hands - Drawings Heads - Gestures and Draw from 100 different subjects. If 100 seems daunting to you, try Draw 50 or 25 or even Draw 10s.

2. The under-looked aspect of getting good at something? FEEDBACK.  you can expect to draw 100 times and get good at something. But you wont... Unless you improve a little for every repetition of the 100. Getting slightly better than last time, the RIGHT WAY. is important. That's where self assessment, mentors and teachers come in. Without feedback from yourself or others, you'll be spinning your wheels. 

3. Favourite Quote from last week "Make that thing. Draw that picture you've been wanting to draw. Write that story.  Sing that song. Try that crazy idea you've alway wanted to try. Get it done. Put it out there and share it with the world. It may start out bad, but you'll make it better. And then you'll make it great. Because you are an artist. And that's what artist's do." - Mark Crilley So those are the ideas for this week people! See ya next week! Take care -Kesh

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