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Crushing My 2022 Goals

1. Achieving my 2022 goals

If there was one lesson that I've taken with myself based on the experiences of past 1.5 years is this.

"Work really hard at one important thing and see what happens"

I've constantly failed at my "new years goals" before but this time has been slightly different. I've achieved a couple.

I realized that it was all because of constantly pushing in one direction until it breaks(or achieved)

This video from might give you some more context.

2. I'm Roasting your Art

I'm doing these weekly critiques of some of the drawings that are being submitted to the Drawing Camp Facebook group.

These little 'ART fixes' might help you much.

3. Favourite Quote of the Week

"Limits, like fear, are often just an Illusion "

- Michael Jordan

(I've been obsessed with this guy)

So that's it for this week then, see ya next week!

Best, Kesh

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