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Constraints Foster Creativity

1. Constraints foster Creativity

✏️As we all know, I've been working my way through the "100 Days of Sketching Challenge" since May and the initial goal when starting the challenge was to create really cool illustrations pretty much everyday (I've got nothing else to do).

Then life got in the way and that wasn't a possibility anymore.

I started ending up with a backlog of prompts that I couldn't finish.

You know what I did next?

⏰I set a time limit. 60-90mins for a drawing and no more than that.

All of a sudden, IT FELT LIKE A BURDEN WAS LIFTED off my shoulders and I was able to do other things on a given day other than just drawing.

So, the idea? Constraints work for creative endeavors.

2. How to level up your Art

I recently got the chance to critique one of the students of 'drawing camp' on the things she could do to improve/better her skills.

This is someone who is fairly new to drawing and has made tremendous progress in a short period of time.

3) Favorite Quote of the Week

“A person who thinks all the time

has nothing to think about except thoughts.

So, he loses touch with reality

and lives in a world of illusions”

- Alan watts

That's it folks :)

See ya next week!



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