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Compare Yourself

1. Don't Compare ✏️ Here's a tip to get you through 'The 100 Days of Sketching' Challenge Don't compare your artistic levels with that of others. Don't give attention to the 'Likes and Followers' that others are gaining out of this. This is YOUR challenge. So make it your own. Focus on YOUR improvement. The rest will take care of itself. "Compare yourselves to who you were yesterday, and not to who someone else is today"

2. My Drawings so far Here are the illustrations I've done so far for '100 Days of sketching'

5 done, 95 more to go...

3) Favorite Quote of the Week

"A man cannot discover new oceans unless

he has the courage to lose sight of the shore"

- Andre Gide

That's it folks :)

See ya next week!



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