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Changing Thyself

1. How to 'CHANGE' yourself

๐Ÿ‘‡ 2 Min BLOG of the week on Changing / bettering myself.

2. On Being Flexible

Flexibility is an underrated skill. One often operates from the mindset of "ALL or NOTHING" It's either this or that. All that leads to is WIN or LOSE. there's no middle ground. There are some places where this kind of thinking might help. But not when it comes to building Daily routines that help you stay sane. "Its good to have a routine, but make sure that routine doesn't have you" is the quote I heard last week in a video. This made me wonder - I'm the kinda guy that falls apart when I don't have a routine. Maybe, I need to learn to be flexible and adapt my routines to the day instead of being RIGID. Only a moving tree can withstand the wind, right?

3. Favourite Quote of the Week

"Happiness is your nature. It's not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it's on the inside" - Ramana Maharishi

That's it for this week folks! See you in the next one :) Best, Kesh.

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