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"Can't finish your Projects?"

1. Break your projects up Got a big thing you want to execute on? Feeling too overwhelmed to get it ALL done and well? Those two might not happen together unless you know what you are doing. In the words of David H Hanson  “You are better off with a kick-ass half than a half-assed whole“ That means it’s better to do 50% of your project well... than doing a Mediocre version of your full project.

2. Change your mediums If you feel like you are stuck and not going anywhere, try changing your mediums up.  Try watercolours  Or Acrylics  Or try drawing on your phone. This breaks the cycle and introduces you to a new stimulus 3. Favourite Quote from last week "What worries you, masters you" - John Locke And that's it for this week folks. Talk to you next week! Best,  Kesh P.s We are releasing the 4th chapter of 'Drawing Camp' Level 1 soon. With that, the first level of the camp will be a solid 30 Day Foundational Program. If you are not enrolled into the program, check it out!

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